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About S&J Bath Solar Energy

Here at S&J Solar energy we believe solar can be beautiful and we use the best available products to add value and save energy for your home and business. We cover Bath and the surrounding area.

Every install is different and we aim to make sure all the necessary information is talked through and presented, like expected performance, CO2 reduction and expected benefits and income.

If your roof is suitable we would always recommend an in-roof system or roof integrated system from MARLEY SOLAR PV. The in-roof systems offers many advantages over traditional rail and hook systems.

-The solar array blends more easily into the landscape and keeps your properties kerb appeal.
-The Solar modules sit flush with the roof meaning no dirt, debris or wildlife that can nest behind where it is difficult to clean and more importantly minimise risk of fire.
-The modules sit on high graded trays and flashing which are screwed into additional battens, meaning the integrity of your roof remains. No, cuts of tiles or slates with screws and roof hooks that can move and allow water ingress over time.
-By removing the existing roof tiles or slates the weight is reduced adding to the longevity of the roof and array.
-Works exceptionally well with Velux Windows.

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