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Solar power has developed into an in-demand home improvement requirement, with the genuine cost-saving benefits of using renewable energy to help power our homes. Add to this, the sleek aesthetics of Marley SolarTile and true kerb appeal can be added to long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

Integrated with full Marley roof system and all tile types

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Why Solar?

Solar panel systems, which are often referred to as photovoltaics (PV), work by capturing energy from the sun using photovoltaic cells. What makes the cells so effective is that even on a cloudy day they generate electricity, because the cells don’t need direct sunlight to work.

The cells operate by converting sunlight into electricity which can be used by the home or building they are on. The key benefit of adding solar panels to the roof is reduced energy bills.

As sunlight is a free energy source, it means energy bills will come down as soon as the panels are installed, and in new build applications it means that bills for home buyers and tenants will start at a reduced rate.

Solar electricity is also a renewable energy and it doesn’t release carbon dioxide, so it can significantly cut a building’s carbon footprint.

A typical home could save between 1.3 and 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year and make a saving of up to £260 on the annual electricity bill (when using the energy generated) simply by installing solar panels*. *This data is from the Energy Saving Trust

Why Choose Marley Solartile ® ?

Marley SolarTile ® is a roof integrated solar panel product, which means it replaces the tiles on the roof so that the panels sit lower in the roofline, look more like a part of the building design and deliver a more attractive aesthetic.

Product performance is always key when selecting building products and Marley SolarTile ® doesn’t disappoint, achieving exceptional fire performance, wind resistance and weather tightness without the need for extra roof battens, adhesive flashing rolls or fire proofing materials.

High winds are always a consideration for roofing applications, Marley SolarTile ® has a certified wind resistance more than four times greater than other products on the market, without any modification to the roof structure below and can even be used in exposed locations, giving you peace of mind that the product you choose is of the highest specification

Rebuilding Natural Forests

For every solar panel sold as part of the Marley Group, they support the planting of a tree through charitable organisations across the world.

Known as the #FusionForest, this collaborative approach supports the long term rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by teaming up with organisations with local expertise. So go green and choose Marley when building your solar rooftop.

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